Thursday, January 2, 2014

FA4 Syllabus

FA4 Syllabus - Last Updated 19 Jan 2014**

Examination Dates

Date of Examination

20 Jan 2014 EVS Class Test
07 Jan 2014 Hindi

16 Jan 2014 Reading/Recitation Re-Test


Examination Syllabus

Subjects Syllabus
EVS Chapter - Celebrations
Hindi Mai Hava Hoon
Maths Fractions, Division, Money
Reading Test Poem - "What is Pink"
Music Learn the National Song "Vande Mataram" for assessment for the next Music Class (Updated 02 Jan 2014)

*Please validate Information with your ward
** FA4 is expected to run more as a class-test. So keep your ward prepared for tests with whatever is being taught in the class for that day.
Class Picnic on Friday, 10 Jan 2014

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